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Reflexology in the Home

Chinese medicine lays a lot of importance on foot massage or alternatively called reflexology foot massage. Your health depends on how well your organs, internal and external work with each other in sync. This equilibrium is exactly what foot massage tries to maintain and enhance.

You need not visit a therapist regularly for a foot massage.

This simple technique can be done at home and you and your health will benefit quite well through this massage. Here are some small tips to help you give yourself a light yet very effective foot massage:

1) Try and do foot massage at night before sleeping. It is very important that you do not touch water after this massage.

2) Make sure your dinner is over at least 90 minutes before you go to bed. this helps in digestion, maintaining healthy weight and avoiding obesity. It is also important for foot massage that you have not eaten anything 60 minutes before the massage.

3) Make sure you have cleaned your feet thoroughly before this massage. Most ideal would be warm water bath. You can wash your feet separately in warm water, add a little salt to this water (a pinch of salt would do).

4) If your feet have dead skin it is most likely your feet smell at times, use a puma stone or a dead skin peeler for removing it.

5) Just the way you dry your body, pat dry your feet thoroughly. Leave them to dry the moisture for a minute or two while you dress for bed.

6) Apply the massage oil you want, use lavender oil, coconut oil, any other recommended oil to your feet. If you suffer from any ailment related to foot please seek physician’s advice before going for a foot massage therapy.

7) Start the massage by applying oil all over your feet. Ensure your feet are not touching anywhere, you can use a stool to aid massage. Gentle smooth rubbing motion should start from the heel and move towards toes.

8) Ensure you do not apply extra pressure. Soft movements will help your feet rejuvenate. Early massage should be at the bottom of your feet. Massage should continue at least for 5 minutes.

9) Toes should be paid extra attention. Massaging toes should be done with equal ease. Take a single toe finger at time and apply enough oil. Start massaging it lightly. With each toe finger you will find release of stress.

10) Same thing should be done to the top of the foot, however, take care not to apply too much thumb pressure. This can cause you pain.

When you start massaging your feet, you will feel release of heat. Feet growing warm, is a sign that the stress is being removed. This is why it is important not to venture into water at all after the massage.

You can wear acupressure footwear for all day long energy and vitality.

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