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Deal with Cellulite

Ever sit on the beach and wish your skin looked like those teenie boppers waltzing around? I know I have. I almost want to holler out and tell them their skin won’t always be that fabulous, but why rain on their parade? Instead I just sit and wonder why I had to have these horrific dimples in the sides of my legs. And in case you are wondering, I wear a skort bottom to cover those ugly things up! Being pregnant 5 times was certainly a large factor in my cellulite, but I have to admit the kiddos are so worth the dimples!

I am trying out a new cellulite cream from Bodishape to see if it will make a difference. I am aware these dimples did not show up overnight, therefore they will not be reduced overnight, however I have a whole bottle to try and nothing but cellulite to lose! I have no one to impress with the results but me and the hubby!

Bodishape cellulite cream contains body-firming ingredients for firming the skin and cellulite reduction including:

Caffeine  containing Theophylline for successfully treating cellulite

Retinol that helps stimulate collagen growth & normalizing the skin production process

Coenzyme that promotes the internal combustion of fat

Glaucine which is responsible for decreasing fat deposits

I really love the fresh scent of this cream. It can be applied daily. Actually the directions say to apply both morning and evening rubbing in an up and down motion. Since you only use about a teaspoon at the time, this bottle should last for a while. It comes with a 100% unconditional , no risk money back guarantee is you are dissatisfied for any reason at all! I can choose to going back and doing nothing about it (while hating everyone who doesn’t have cellulite) or I can continue using this cellulite cream and hope that by next summer, I can actually wear a bikini again. I’m sticking with the latter, because at my age wearing a bikini again is really a big deal!

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